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Weekly Blog #lost count

Ahh, the week has begun and teachers and students rushing to catch up for lost time. This week has been stressful for IT9/10. Although was hard, we were able to continue Excel. It was hard remembering how to do the formulas and such. And we’re having a test on it tomorrow. So I’m going to try my best and pass it 😀


Weekly Blog #I lost count LOL

Ok this past week has been hectic. The teacher strike has caused us to go to school for 2 days. So now teachers’ schedule has been messed up. We even might have to be sped up the stuff we learn just to complete the course! In IT/10 we are learning how to use the spreadsheet on excel. This has been challenging for me mostly because computers isn’t exactly my forte 😛 But I am looking forward to spring break, a break from all my subjects.




There’s a 24hr vending machine of cupcakes in Los Angeles


Tech. Article #2

 Smart Goggles 

An interactive 3D Glasses that can be used in gaming and smartphones. This is the first ever 3D glasses that allows you to interact with any phone and game consoles. You use Sensic Smart Goggles by using your hands. It is Powered by Android. This technology allows you to give the 3D experience by looking into the Natalia goggle (the glass). It has the ability to track and captures the motion of your hands.

Sensic viD

You can learn more from the website below

Weekly Blog#5 I think..

We finally got a new sitting plan 😀 i sit beside Shaan Paul and Jordan (:  Mr Fernandez assigned us a 50 worth HW called Computer Buying. I learned that buying things isn’t easy. Even if you are rich, you still have to think about the type you want for your own personal computer. We also watched a movie of how Bill Gates and Steve Jobs came to be the legendary among computer legends. That sums about everything that had happened in IT9/10. Oh and teacher’s are on strike.. nuff said



There’s bizzare vending machines from Japan

There’s  a vending machine that contains girl’s phone number, umbrella vending machines, beetle vendhing machines etc. There’s more under the link below

Software Key Terms

  1. absolute reference (in terms of spreadsheets) –
  2. application software – applications or tools from software
  3. bootstrap program – to load a program using a smaller initial program
  4. cell references – references to computers
  5. command-line interface – types commands instead of choosing from menu button
  6. compiler – compiles information
  7. Database – structured set of data stored in computer
  8. Desktop Operating System – manages or controls hard wares
  9. DOS – Disc Operating System for personal computers
  10. EULA – End-User License Agreement, agreement between licensor
  11. Freeware – software that is free
  12. Graphical User Interface (GUI) – ways for people to communicate with computers
  13. high-level language – problem oriented language
  14. kernel – main operating system for most computers
  15. machine language – computer language
  16. multitasking – enables computers to open new tab with another tab running
  17. open source software – changeable software open in public
  18. shareware – free software that is given for evaluation
  19. software license – a license to allow online users to use special soft wares
  20. spreadsheet – a computer application that looks like an accounting worksheet
  21. user interface – way for the user to interact with the software and inputs
  22. utility software – help analyze, configure, and maintain the computer
  23. validation code – PIN for security
  24. windows registry – stores configuration settings and options on MW OS
  25. zipped – short hissing sound