Weekly Blog#5 I think..

We finally got a new sitting plan 😀 i sit beside Shaan Paul and Jordan (:  Mr Fernandez assigned us a 50 worth HW called Computer Buying. I learned that buying things isn’t easy. Even if you are rich, you still have to think about the type you want for your own personal computer. We also watched a movie of how Bill Gates and Steve Jobs came to be the legendary among computer legends. That sums about everything that had happened in IT9/10. Oh and teacher’s are on strike.. nuff said



There’s bizzare vending machines from Japan

There’s  a vending machine that contains girl’s phone number, umbrella vending machines, beetle vendhing machines etc. There’s more under the link below


Software Key Terms

  1. absolute reference (in terms of spreadsheets) –
  2. application software – applications or tools from software
  3. bootstrap program – to load a program using a smaller initial program
  4. cell references – references to computers
  5. command-line interface – types commands instead of choosing from menu button
  6. compiler – compiles information
  7. Database – structured set of data stored in computer
  8. Desktop Operating System – manages or controls hard wares
  9. DOS – Disc Operating System for personal computers
  10. EULA – End-User License Agreement, agreement between licensor
  11. Freeware – software that is free
  12. Graphical User Interface (GUI) – ways for people to communicate with computers
  13. high-level language – problem oriented language
  14. kernel – main operating system for most computers
  15. machine language – computer language
  16. multitasking – enables computers to open new tab with another tab running
  17. open source software – changeable software open in public
  18. shareware – free software that is given for evaluation
  19. software license – a license to allow online users to use special soft wares
  20. spreadsheet – a computer application that looks like an accounting worksheet
  21. user interface – way for the user to interact with the software and inputs
  22. utility software – help analyze, configure, and maintain the computer
  23. validation code – PIN for security
  24. windows registry – stores configuration settings and options on MW OS
  25. zipped – short hissing sound
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