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Project Fiona

PC Gamer? Well do I have some news for you! People have created a prototype tablet that’s specialized for PC Gamers. Now you are able to play anywhere at anytime. It has a dual controller at the edge of the screen that acts as a controller. You can play multiple games any time. Razer project fiona

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Weekly Blog

This week Mr. Fernandez was away so we had a substitute named Mr. Nesdoly. We also had another substitute named Mr. Kirinsick, they were really nice. We watched a movie called War Games to learn more about computer ethics. The movie was really good because of this misfortunate kid who thought the games he hacked was a military. This movie sort of reminds me of the book Ender’s games. Anyways tomorrow will be debate day. At least it’s friday tomorrow.



There was a Chinese farmer named Wang that had a growing horn on the back of his head? He was known as Wang the Human Unicorn.

wangthehumanunicorn 204x300 HORNED HUMANS   Wang the Human Unicorn

Technology Article

NES Controller 

This Wooden ous controller is made out of wood that can be played at your Flat screen TV. It is the perfect controller for old gamers. It’s 8bit iconic Nitendo was launched at mid 1980’s. This table costs about 3,500US$. It may be costy but it’s worth it. You can play NES classics like snake, or mario. This is worth buying for all those game lovers. Now your house can be stylish and fun. It can be played up to four people. Just click the button and you’re ready to go.



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Weekly Blog #7?

This week we finished our debate and started working on our presentation. Our presentation was about Cyber-schooling and it’s benefits and cons. WE had to present 10 min in front of the whole class which is utterly awkward. I think we did bad on the presentation but it was our first time. Oh well, I’m looking forward to the weekend..

Weekly Blog#ilostcount

I have been well adjusted this week, just came back from a long weekend. This week we debated against others but got killed. So Mr. Fernandez is teaching us how to to present properly or present like Steve Jobs. We also got a new seating plan. Nothing much happened this week but it was interesting. Technologies are also evolving now. Like the MRI Scans, we are now able to witness how the human body builds as they evolve from a mother’s fetus. I found the video quite interesting and entertaining at the same time.



In the movie “The Little Mermaid” Ariel was given a sword to kill the prince inorder to become human. But instead kills herself by jumping out of the sea. Little Mermaid

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Tech Article#ilost count

Power Pot

A power pot that can be used outdoors anywhere for your cooking needs. All you need is a vehicle’s generator pipe. A phone can be used to power it like this picture. PowerPot is a line of camping cookware, that generates electricity using heat  It can be used to camp or for survival.

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Weekly Blog #lost count again xD

This week we started a new unit. We are learning about Computer Ethics. So far we have learned about Piracy and how it affects the economy. This is one of the major problems in the world. Though, Mr. Fernandez still needs to show us the Mafia Boy. We also have got a new seating plan and learned mr. Fernandez’s first name >:D I have something against you now. Now you can’t mock my email name haha!



After 911, CIA used Eminem’s album “SlimShady” to torture foreign prisoners.