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I have been well adjusted this week, just came back from a long weekend. This week we debated against others but got killed. So Mr. Fernandez is teaching us how to to present properly or present like Steve Jobs. We also got a new seating plan. Nothing much happened this week but it was interesting. Technologies are also evolving now. Like the MRI Scans, we are now able to witness how the human body builds as they evolve from a mother’s fetus. I found the video quite interesting and entertaining at the same time.



In the movie “The Little Mermaid” Ariel was given a sword to kill the prince inorder to become human. But instead kills herself by jumping out of the sea. Little Mermaid

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Tech Article#ilost count

Power Pot

A power pot that can be used outdoors anywhere for your cooking needs. All you need is a vehicle’s generator pipe. A phone can be used to power it like this picture. PowerPot is a line of camping cookware, that generates electricity using heat  It can be used to camp or for survival.

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This week we started a new unit. We are learning about Computer Ethics. So far we have learned about Piracy and how it affects the economy. This is one of the major problems in the world. Though, Mr. Fernandez still needs to show us the Mafia Boy. We also have got a new seating plan and learned mr. Fernandez’s first name >:D I have something against you now. Now you can’t mock my email name haha!



After 911, CIA used Eminem’s album “SlimShady” to torture foreign prisoners.


Ethics Assignment

Copyright Act

Weekly Blog #lost count

Ahh, the week has begun and teachers and students rushing to catch up for lost time. This week has been stressful for IT9/10. Although was hard, we were able to continue Excel. It was hard remembering how to do the formulas and such. And we’re having a test on it tomorrow. So I’m going to try my best and pass it 😀

Weekly Blog #I lost count LOL

Ok this past week has been hectic. The teacher strike has caused us to go to school for 2 days. So now teachers’ schedule has been messed up. We even might have to be sped up the stuff we learn just to complete the course! In IT/10 we are learning how to use the spreadsheet on excel. This has been challenging for me mostly because computers isn’t exactly my forte 😛 But I am looking forward to spring break, a break from all my subjects.




There’s a 24hr vending machine of cupcakes in Los Angeles



Tech. Article #2

 Smart Goggles 

An interactive 3D Glasses that can be used in gaming and smartphones. This is the first ever 3D glasses that allows you to interact with any phone and game consoles. You use Sensic Smart Goggles by using your hands. It is Powered by Android. This technology allows you to give the 3D experience by looking into the Natalia goggle (the glass). It has the ability to track and captures the motion of your hands.

Sensic viD

You can learn more from the website below